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the heart behind soulcrafts

hello beautiful soul

I am zoe and I started designing and making my own macrame jewelry at the end of 2018 after being inspired by the creativity of the locals in the Philippines whilst traveling there. I started working on simple designs, mostly bracelets but I soon moved on to necklaces, anklets and earrings. I take my inspiration from beautiful mother nature and you will find her stunning colours, patterns and structures mirrored in my designs. I love incorporating crystals, indian inspired pendants and pearls into my work.

I've spent a couple of years now exploring my own creativity. My online shop is up and running and I've decided to expand my collection to add a creative flair from Asia.  After adding jewelry made by my friend in the Philippines I've been inspired to also include Indian hand crafted jewelry and also Indonesian hand crafted sterling silver jewelry to my shop. Now I also have a few pieces in my onlineshop that are originally from India. I find that these paricular designs demonstrate the spirit of soulcrafts and complement my online offers.  This will result in a more diverse Collection.

soulcrafts has given me the oppurtunity to express myself. I love experimenting with colours, textures and different ways of trying macrame knots. the implementation of crystals, stones, beads and shells round up the experience for me.

marketing my work is also an important part of my business. taking photos, choosing backrounds and seeing my jewelry on all sorts of different people is a lot of joy for me.

beeing able to express me and all my love towards nature, people and art, makes soulcrafts very authentic and special for me.

much love for each of you 


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