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jewelry for beautiful souls


here you can find all my lovingly designed jewelry pieces. All of them are handmade out of high-quality materials.


the heart behind soulcrafts

hello beautiful soul

I am zoe and I am the sole owner of 'soulcrafts'. one of my main passions is designing and creating jewelry. I love experimenting with colours, textures and different ways of trying macrame knots. the implementation of crystals, stones, beads and shells round up the experience for me. I take my inspiration from beautiful mother nature and you will find her stunning colours, patterns and structures mirrored in my designs. The majority of soulcrafts jewelry I've designed myself and there are also a few pieces i that are originally from Indonesia, India and the Philippines. I find that these paricular designs demonstrate the spirit of soulcrafts and complement my online offers.

If you want to know a little more about my macrame journey, just click here.  :)

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